Supra Hosts® is a premium web hosting company comprised of talented developers and server technicians. Many hosting companies cram thousands of websites onto their overloaded servers. This means that customers using the same shared resources are experiencing under-performing websites.

Today, with busy lifestyles and limited time, internet users expect a very fast user experience. Having slow loading site pages ultimately effects the visitors time and in return the website owners suffer missed opportunities and lost revenue.

We are committed to changing how businesses utilize web hosting services, because there are simply not enough providers that prioritise the quality of their service by using standard server hardware. We believe that by Supra® charging our servers with the industry leading server configurations and hardware – all hosted at our state of the art UK data centres, we can help our customers experience hosting like no other.

Experience unmatched performance for your website with our fine-tuned SSD web hosting. We believe that by super charging our servers with the industry leading hardware – we can help our customers experience hosting like no other.


Why does page speed matter?

Well, Google, everyone’s favourite search engine confirmed that they use page speed as a ranking factor. Our server configurations are extremely fast and we only use SSD drives which give your website unmatched performance you can depend on and help increase your search engine page rank.

These characteristics have prompted our current success and isolated us from the rest of our competition. We pride in our customer service. If you need us, we are always here. You can count on reaching us 24/7/365. Just give us a call or visit our live chat.

Get started today by choosing one of our web hosting packages and experience unmatched performance for your website.

A few brands that host at our state of the art UK Data Centres